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Designer Director Ikuko Kurahone

Company registered in England 8255227

VAT registration number GB144568593


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About hallmark ホールマークについて




Ikuria's hallmark. We are registered in London under our founder and designer's name Ikuko Kurahone.


アッセイオフィスを管轄しているのは、ゴールドスミス・カンパニーという会社で、1300年代に作られたいわゆる業界団体です。ロンドンにはこのような長い歴史を持つ団体がいくつかあり、ゴールドスミス・カンパニーは、ロンドンでは大変尊敬されているthe 12 Great Livery Companies of the City of Londonの一つです。(中には弓つくりの職人さんの団体など、いまではなくなってしまったものもあるそうです)


We had a great time at British Fair, Hankyu Department Store, in Osaka! Customers are very sophisticated and they are very knowledgeable about jewellery and gemstones.

However, one customer left us a comment, "I can't tell if these (jewellery pieces) are fake or genuine."

We got busy with other customers and regret we could not give her the full explanation how the hallmarking process works in London. So, we would like to talk about it here.

All iKuria jewellery pieces that made in gold, platinum and palladium, as well as silver weighing more than 7 grammes are tested and hallmarked independently by London Assay Office as this is briefly touched upon in the About page.This is law in the UK. Precious metal products need to be hallmarked regardless their production countries -- that means the UK, India, Hong Kong and any other countries. Otherwise gold cannot be sold as "gold" but simply "yellow metal". 

Assay Office is supervised by Goldsmith Company, which is a trade association established in the ealry 1300s. In London, there are many respected trade associations with long traditions. Goldsmith Company is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London. (Some of these companies, such as the one for long bow makers, have ceased to exist.)

As shown in the image, Assay Office hallmarks: the head of leopard which shows it is hallmarked by London Assay Office; the number which shows the kind and the purity of the metal; the initial IK and symbols which shows the month and the year of hallmarking.

The hallmark shows the jewellery is genuinely made of precious materials and it is our products.

This is also the reason why we do not incorporate our logos to our products.