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Colour and real jewellery are the 2016 buzz word!


Our designer Ikuko's regular London Jewellery Report has been published in the Jewelit issue 17! Read (in Japanese) her interview with Stephen Webster, and how beautiful Rachael and Katerina predict the 2016 jewellery trend. In any case, the colour and real jewellery, opposed to fashion jewellery, are the keyword! 


September birth stone: sapphire 9月の誕生石:サファイア


Sapphire is the birthstone of September. It is my favourite gemstone (along with garnet).

Why? Because it is more versatile than one might think. Although blue is generally known as the colour of sapphire, it comes in any thinkable colours and shades. And it is a strong stone. And because it is my favourite stone, I use sapphire a lot for iKuria jewellery.

The sapphire is a gemstone variety of corundum species. Corundum includes sapphire and ruby. Yes, sapphire and ruby are actually the same stone. Mainly chromium impurities, or colouring agents, gives a red tint to a stone, which becomes ruby.

Other impurities yield other colours -- purple, yellow... you name it. Generally speaking, these corundum stones with other colours are all traded as sapphires. 

The corundum with pink-orange to orange-pink tones is specifically called padparadscha, which means a lotus flower colour in Sanskrit. Natural padparadscha sapphire is one of the rarest gemstones in the world.

Sapphire and ruby are the second hardest gemstone after diamond. They are durable. That's why iKuria usually recommends sapphire, ruby and diamond for engagement rings. 

*This is a broad-brush of sapphire. Please take a gemology course to learn more about the stone.

We use pink and blue sapphires for our Hannah collection.   ピンクとブルーサファイアのネックレス

We use pink and blue sapphires for our Hannah collection.










ライカではオレンジイエローサファイアを使っています  Laika features orange and yellow sapphires


Laika features orange and yellow sapphires

The Alchemist's Notebook features classic blue sapphire and ruby.   「錬金術師の手帳」はルビーとサファイアがデザインの中心です

The Alchemist's Notebook features classic blue sapphire and ruby.