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May birth stone is Emerald 五月の誕生石エメラルド


May’s birth stone is emerald. Emerald is a mesmerisingly beautiful green gemstone. Geologically, it belongs to the beryl species. Among these, trapiche emerald is one of the rarest mineral findings in the world.
IKURIA has been producing emerald jewellery for bespoke customers. Please click on our bespoke service and bespoke gallery pages for more information.

Emerald is requires TLC to keep its eternal beauty. It is not as hard as diamond, sapphire or ruby. We recommend professional cleaning. Please make sure you inform cleaners that your jewellery is made of these gemstones. 
Never place emerald and other beryl gemstones in an ultrasonic cleaner.

On daily basis, avoid contact between emerald and water as much as possible. However, emerald likes a very small amount oil. Gently nurture it with your fingers and palms to keep the colour of the stone.

Bespoke emerald and diamond ring set with 18k white gold  エメラルドとダイヤモンドのオーダーメイドリング。地金は18金ホワイトゴールド

Bespoke emerald and diamond ring set with 18k white gold



Rare trapiche emerald トラピチェエメラルド   

Rare trapiche emerald トラピチェエメラルド


イキュリアでは、エメラルドのジュエリーはオーダーメイドでお作りしています。オーダーメイドの詳細は、bespoke servicebespoke galleryのページをご覧ください。




Very rare orange diamond


I had a great opportunity to try this amazing, extremely rare orange diamond on my fingers this week. To make things even more jaw-dropping, it's over 1 carat. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


 Fancy intense yellow orange diamond in marquise. Untreated. A massive 1.07 carat

Yves Frey Diamonds

Colour and real jewellery are the 2016 buzz word!


Our designer Ikuko's regular London Jewellery Report has been published in the Jewelit issue 17! Read (in Japanese) her interview with Stephen Webster, and how beautiful Rachael and Katerina predict the 2016 jewellery trend. In any case, the colour and real jewellery, opposed to fashion jewellery, are the keyword!