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Antwerp diamond visit turned deliciousとってもおいしいダイヤモンド買い付け出張記


Earlier in February, I made a visit to Antwerp Diamond Fair. It is an amazing trade fair and I purchased some amazing stones. Watch this space!

But for now, the thing about Belgium is that food is irresistibly nice.



THE classic example. A chocolate cake. A sophisticated piece of art which tastes heavenly. I enjoyed this quality time at a nice little chocolate lounge, after leaving London St Pancras at 6:30 in the morning (DelRey).



I travelled afar to Ghent.

This is a traditional Belgian dish, beef stew. The beef was very well cooked and so soft I could easily separate a chunk into smaller bites with a folk. At the same time, the taste was very dense and meaty, yet not fatty at all.  

The home-made chips and mayo tasted great and reminded me how I was used to industrialised taste for day-to-day. (Grand Cafe Godot)


フライドポテトとマヨネーズも自家製だそう。おいしい! (Grand Cafe Godot)



Now, here is Belgian style hot chocolate although I found it very creative. (Chocolato)

In Brussels, I had to kill a couple of hours before catching the Eurostar train back to London.



Of course, I did not waste time. Freshly made Belgian waffle! The best street food. (Waffle Factory)

Well, I certainly achieved the primary objective of sourcing diamond. Bye Belgium for now. I will be back! This time, I did not have time for beer tasting, you know.

もちろん、食いしん坊の私は時間を無駄になどいたしません。焼きたてワッフル。道端に立って、お行儀悪く食べましょう。(Waffle Factory)