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CATCH rose gold and diamond earrings


Do you want to catch diamond morning dew or something else?

The biggest inspiration for this collection came from the masterpiece of traditional Japanese painting by Shoen Uemura (1875-1949), about a fictional woman in an 11th century classic, The Tale of Genji.

Uemura wrapped her in a costume embroidered with spider’s webs to express her despair after being crossed in a forbidden love.

Many people can relate to this. But today we somehow repair a broken heart and turn the emotions into energy to carry on.

The designer spent months finalising this collection to bring elegance, edginess and hopefulness into such a simple design -- spider’s webs catching diamond morning dew.

CATCH rose gold and diamond earrings

Web Earrings_Gold.jpg
Web Earrings_Gold.jpg

CATCH rose gold and diamond earrings


Ultimate luxurious earrings made of 18 karat rose gold and diamonds scattering across spider’s webs.
Use them when you want to add some personality to your business outfit. Wear them when you want to add some play to your black tie dress. Or be the centre of the conversation at a casual t-shirt and jeans lunch outing.
The spider’s web measures about 17 mm at the widest. It is set with sixteen 1 mm and one 1.5 mm diamonds, totalling approximately 0.1 carat each stud, 0.2 carat for a pair.
This unisex earrings can be purchased as one piece rather than a pair. Please enquire. To view this item, please contact


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